If any of the following "red flags" describe your child, a request for a speech language evaluation through your doctor may be appropriate.

  • Does not make pleasurable sounds coo or goo (0-3 months)
  • Does not respond via eye gaze, smiling to sounds in environment or babble using /p/, /b/, or /m/ (4-6 months)
  • Does not engage in games like "peek-a-boo" or "pat-a-cake" , or recognize common words like "cup, book, shoe or juice" (7-12 months)
  • Does not babble using different sounds ex. "gabadida", or use gestures/imitation for communication (7-12 months)
  • Does not point to body parts or pictures in books when asked. 
  • Does not follow simple 1-step directions "come here" (1-2 years)
  • Does not say new words each month, use 1-2 word questions "where kitty", "mama go", or produce many different sounds at the beginning of words (1-2 years)
  • Does not understand the differences between "in-on, big-little or stop-go", or follow 2-step directions (2-3 years)
  • Does not label familiar objects, use 2-3 words at a time, or produce /k/, /g/, /f/, /t/, /d/ & /n/ sounds. 
  • Speech is not understood by familiar listeners (2-3 years)
  • Does not answer simple who, what, where questions, speech is not understood by unfamiliar listeners, short sentences (less than 4+ words), repeats syllables or whole words (3-4 years)
  • Difficulty sustaining attention to listen to a short story, or details, staying on topic, does not rhyme words or name letters and numbers (4-5 years)

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